Energy Explorer
Professional Energy Analyzer

ENERGY EXPLORER, is an advanced Power Analyser, designed for use by electricians, plant engineer and energy professionals.

Energy Explorer extends the analysis also to transient conditions of the load, with the built-in Inrush Current function allowing voltage and current monitoring withpre-trigger.


  •    Applicable for single phase, two phase, 3 phase Balanced and Unbalanced (star & delta).
  •    True RMS measurements for Voltage, Current, Power, Average and Power Maximum Demand,         Energy,Frequency, Power Factor, CosPhi, Crest Factor, THDU, THDI…
  •    Alarm Management with event-log and 2 relay outputs associable to alarm conditions
  •    Power Factor limit control
  •    Tariff-band based energy analysis
  •    Scope-Display for real time waveforms
  •    Real time and historical RMS trends
  •    Pulse outputs
  •    Peak-value recording with date and time and main simultaneous values
  •    Inrush Current Analysis
  •    Vector diagrams
  •    Voltage Unbalance
  •    Harmonics analysis with bar-graph display of voltages and currents up to the 31st order.
  •    Micro interruptions detection
  •    Sophisticated survey scheduler for RMS or Sample surveys
  •    External RS232 compact printer (optional)
  •    Internal amplifier for flexible CT clamps (no external batteries required)
  •    Huge Compact Flash memory.
  •    2 independents AA battery packs with internal charger.
  •    Windows software for survey analysis and reporting.
  •    Multi language display and PC software: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.
  •    Explorer saves the measuring campaigns on a Compact Flash (CF) type of memory.


        PE STUDIO is a software application in windows environment that lets you process the data recorded by the Energy Explorer professional analyser of electrical energy quality. PE Studio is able to repeat all analyses performed by Energy Explorer on the system.

Features :
  •     Display all measurements and instrument status
  •     Harmonics bargraph
  •     Waveforms
  •     RMS values graphs
  •     Memory download
  •     Direct surveys on PC for analysis, creating and printing reports
  •     Data export to Excel


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