Professional Power Quality Analyser

        JUPITER, a portable, lightweight power Quality Analyser, is provided with a coloured display for graphic functions that make the use of the instrument immediate and intuitive. This facilitates the measurement of all traditional electrical parameters-is capable of analysing the major phenomena characterizing power Quality: interruptions, voltage variations (dips & swells), harmonic and interruptions, distortion, transients and 3-phase voltage unbalance. JUPITER is also capable of verifying the compliance of the power supplied by the system with the limits set by the EN 50160 standard. The measurement methods are compliant to the EN 61000-4-30 standard CLASS A.

        On the display are given all the necessary information to the navigation in the system, and are also displayed the measurement made. The buttons of the Menu page reflect the position of the keyboard and show the button to push to start up each corresponding function of the instrument.


  •    METER : RMS measurements of all basic electrical parameters, for each phase and for the         three-phase system.
  •    SCOPE FUNCTION : This allows you to view the waveforms of the currents and voltages         measured in REAL TIME, & at the same time read their RMS value on the summary table with         zoom function.
  •    HARMONICS/INTERHARMONICS : This is capable of analysing waveforms with complete         measurements of the harmonics in voltage & current up to the 31st order in conformity with         EN 61000-4-7.
  •    FLICKERS : Carries out an analysis of Flickers in compliance with EN 61000-4-15 standards
  •    PHASOR : This page provides a vector graph representation of the three-phase system by         plotting the vectors representing the fundamental-frequency components of a line voltages         and respective currents.
  •    TRANSIENTS : This instruments enables the “capture” of a transient over voltages & over         currents displaying the waveforms of these events on the screen & showing relevant peak         values in the corresponding side-panel.
  •    DIPS & SWELLS : Calculates the RMS value of the preceding waveform and it will compares         with a thresholds referred to a Nominal Voltage (Unom). The terms Swells (Over voltages),         Dips (Voltage losses) the Interruptions (Voltage interruptions), they define events exceeding         the minimum and maximum thresholds set.
  •    EN50160 : To define the power quality features that must be full filled by a power supply,         reference is made to the CEI EN 50160 standard.
  •    DATALOGGER : This menu permits to start up and/or set up the measurement survey for         the storing data. It is possible to select the fallowing campaigns:
       >    Timing (waveforms) survey : Stores all samples corresponding to the 60-cycle buffer with              the frequency set in relevent Textbox. If “0” seconds is set in the “timing” textbox, the              instrument will store all the samplings made in this memory, without any interruption              between successive buffers.
       >    Triggered (events) survey : This survey stores all of the samples of a 60-cycle buffer. This              Unlike the previous one, the buffer is stored only when only the “transient” event occurs              & therefore depends on the settings of various user-defined thresholds.
       >    EN50160 : As suggested by the name itself of the survey, this mode starts the power              quality analysis and stores its data at regular intervals.


        PQ STUDIO is a software application in windows environment that lets you process the data recorded by the JUPITER professional analyser of electrical energy quality. PQ Studio is able to repeat all analyses performed by JUPITER on the system.

Features :
  •     Display all measurements and instrument status
  •     Harmonics bargraph
  •     Waveforms
  •     RMS values graphs
  •     Memory download
  •     Direct surveys on PC for analysis, creating and printing reports
  •     Data export to Excel


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