Power and Harmonic Analyzer

        The NANOVIP PLUS MEM is a hand-held portable instrument capable of measuring over 100 fundamental parameters for display via a large high contrast LCD. This meter made power quality analysis more affordable than ever before.


  •    Applicable for Single Phase OR Three Phase balanced system measurement in True rms
  •    Volt, Amps, W, VA, VAr, Hz pos/neg KWh (import/export) pos/neg kvarh (ind/cap)
  •    All measurements are true RMS, Accuracy in 1% or better including clamp error between 7W        and 150 KW (200A clamp) or 35W to 750 KW (1000A clamp).
  •    DC measurement capability (requires Hall effect clamp for current.
  •    Automatic recognition of clamp type in use (200A or 1000A) removes the need for additional        set – up by the user.
  •    PEAK feature captures max current/power values or min voltage value (user selectable).
  •    MEM function provides data holds and allows real-time comparison of new readings against        stored values.
  •    Measurements of harmonic values of V & I (1st to 24th) expressed as absolute & percentage        values, plus their DC component and displacement values
  •    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of V & I with reference to the fundamental or total RMS value
  •    Crest factor for V & I expressed as absolute and percentage values
  •    DC ripple component for V & I as RMS percentage values
  •    V & I ripple as RMS value


        NANOWIN is a software designed for the windows 9x/NT4.0/2000/xp platforms. It is compatible with the NANOVIP Plus and the NANOVIP Plus MEM and provides full control of the instrument and display of data (including waveform and harmonic spectrum) via the PC.

Features :
  •     Display all measurements and instrument status
  •     Harmonics bargraph
  •     Waveforms
  •     RMS values graphs
  •     Memory download
  •     Direct surveys on PC
  •     Data export to Excel


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