Power Quality Analyser

Nanovip3 is a leading device equipped with new functions for measuring and monitoring power consumption and for advanced power and power quality analysis. This device can measure, display, process and transmit all the parameters of a system.


  •    Applicable for single phase, two phase, 3 phase Balanced and Unbalanced (star & delta).
  •    Highly efficient 128X128 pixel backlit LCD for High ductility display (histograms, multilingual        menus, waveforms, menus, drawings, images customization schemes etc) and the perfect        ; viewing even from a distance.
  •    4 voltage measuring channel (3 with common neutral + 1 auxiliary independent) up-to 600V         CAT III, able to measure continues voltage with an accuracy of ± 0.25% + SF error.
  •    5 current inputs (3 independent + 1 for neutral current + 1 auxiliary) able to measure the         continuous voltage with an accuracy of ± 0.25% plus SF error.
  •    Equipped with flexible current clamps upto 3000-A or other full scale sensors, which can be         set by the user, may be used.
  •    Powerful but compact external power supply, compatible with all types of sockets (USA/JP,         EU, UK, AU).
  •    Membrane keypad with 10 double function keys for easier scrolling of menus and access to        different functions.
  •    Calculation engine based on 16bit microprocessor, allowing for the measuring of all standard        quantities (V, I, P, Q, A, F, Pf, THD% etc) in True Root Mean Square(TRMS) Value as well as
         >     Measurement of minimum,average and maximum instant values on four quadrants.
         >     Absorbed and produced power counters (kWH ,kVA, kVAR)
         >     Power quality analysis by measuring
                 -     Current and Voltage harmonics(all 7 I/P channels) upto the 50th order
                 -     Network interruptions and micro interruption.
                 -     Dips (brownouts)
                 -     Swells (Over Voltages)
                 -     EN50160 test (reference standard for power quality)
         >     Event Log (last 5 alarms, 5 dips, 5 swells, 5 interruptions)
         >     Power measurement during four time periods (tariffs), which can be set.
         >     Medium voltage connection available.
  •    User can select the values to be displayed.
  •    Automatic connection test to check if electrical connections are correct.
  •    microSD memory card for extended measurement surveys.
  •    Special PC software , allowing for advanced analysis of data stored on microSD card


NANOSTUDIO Software is a simple and practical tool for analysing the measurement campaigns performed with NANOVIP2 and NANOVIP3.

NANOSTUDIO is compatible with WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS VISTA, and WINDOWS7. To install it, launch the file SETUP.EXE contained on the uSD card and fallow the instructions provided.

Features :
  •     Display all measurements and instrument status
  •     Harmonics bargraph
  •     Waveforms
  •     RMS values graphs
  •     Memory download
  •     Data export to Excel


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