Surgeon Control Panel

        The Surgeon Control Panel is a software tool in the operating system which allows most or all of the settings to be changed through a user interface in operation theatre. This allows the user control of software and hardware features present in the operation theatre


  •    Touch screen panel : 55cm
        >    LED : with maximum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels
        >    Finger, gloved hand and soft stylus activation
  •    Clocks :
        >    Programmable Real time clock : In this section a clock is present to show the Real time. It               includes EDIT button along with Increment & Decrement buttons to program the current               time, date and day.
        >    Programmable Elapsed/Remaining time clock : It contains a programmable clock to show               the Elapsed time or Remaining Time during the procedure ( like Surgery).This clock can be               programmed by using controls buttons in the TIMER CONTROLS section.
  •    Lighting control : Up-to 4 relays potential free of 2-Amp rating are provided. These relays         can be wired to external contactors of suitable rating to further drive a choice of lights.
  •    Gas pressure Indicator : The gas pressure high/Low indicator with audio alarm, for up-to         six different types of medical gases like Oxygen, Nitrous oxide, Air, Vacuum, Carbon-dioxide         & Nitrogen are present. The PLC would expect the input as potential free from NO (normally         open) relay contact type pressure sensor. Open contact would indicate Alarm (Blinking with         Pink colour) and closed contact would indicate Healthy condition.
  •    Room temperature indicator : The monitor will display Three-digit temperature with an         resolution of 1˚C (0-50˚C range).
  •    Room Relative Humidity % indicator : The monitor will display Two-digit RH% with an         resolution of 1%RH (0%-100% range).
  •    Dimmer Control : There are three or four control voltages available to control three/four         dimmers. The output voltage varies from 1.25 to 10 Volts in 8 steps based on brightness         setting from a 12.5% to 100% respectively with a tolerance of ± 0.5Volts.


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