Microvip3 Plus
Power and Harmonic Analyzer

        It is a compact portable Energy & Power Quality Analyser for both single phase and 3 phase systems, supplied complete with 3 off 1000A clip-on CTs.


  •    Applicable for single phase and 3 phase balanced/unbalanced systems.
  •    Crisp high-contrast backlit Liquid Crystal displays TRMS values for up to 33 parameters.
  •    Massive 1MB on-board memory for data storage over extended survey periods including of        waveform for current and voltage.
  •    Programmable 42 column on-board graphics printer provides additional.
  •    156 parameters of data including V&I harmonics to 24th multiple with both DC component        and displacement factor and waveform/harmonic bar chart printout.
  •    Supplied complete with CTs, voltage leads and all accessories in strong carry case.
  •    Fast download to PC via high –speed serial link.
  •    Fully programmable for all CT/VT ratios, star/delta and single phase connection and power        integration period.
  •    Class 0.5 accuracy (IEC 1036).
  •    Suitable for DC measurement (via optional Dc clamp).
  •    Dual voltage power supply 230/110VAC with internal rechargeable back-up battery.
  •    On-board clock/calendar.
  •    MicroWin software included.


MICROWIN is a software for WINDOWS 9x/NT included in the kit of Microvip3 Plus.

Features :

  •    Display all Manual and automatic measurements.
  •    V & I waveform & printout.
  •    Harmonic bar graph & printout.
  •    Memory download via high speed serial link (38400 band).
  •    Voltage (V) & Current(I) Harmonic Analysis up-to 25th Multiple with both DC component and        displacement factor.


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