Services provided


        We have well established Service and Calibration setup equipped with Fluke Calibrator 5500A, to give the customer quick and prompt service, for our Italian product range, locally. eE has trained and qualified team which has more than 25 man-years of hands-on experience on these Products, trained by the manufacturer in Italy, to support them technically. eE provides applications support, calibration, repair and maintenance service for all type of Energy & Power Analysers (Inhouse and Onsite Calibration) of different make. Our calibration certificates are traceable to national standards.


        We provide IR Thermography service which is the science of Infrared imaging; regular cameras record images of visible light, while IR Thermograph image has information about heat emitted by the object. As everything on earth radiates infrared energy (heat), a thermal imager lets us see this energy. This record of heat generated helps us understand the undesirable heat generated during regular operations, e.g. the heat generated by a high resistance connection, the friction generated by improper alignment etc. Thus one can obtain images of equipment, machinery, buildings etc from a safe distance, while they are in operation that is live or in real time without intervening in their regular operations.


        Definition of Power Quality as per IEEE 1100- 2005 – Emerald Book The concept of powering and grounding electronic equipment in a manner that is suitable to the operation of that equipment and compatible with the premise wiring system and other connected equipment. To describe in brief, a power quality study, involves a visual inspection of the site under study, installation of power analyzers at various locations to monitor power parameters, collecting data and interpret the same. Monitoring of energy related parameters at various points was carried out through portable power & harmonic analyzers. Power Quality Analyzer Models Jupiter and NanoVIP3 and Power & Harmonic Analyzer Model NanoVIP Plus of Elcontrol Energy Spa, Italy were used for data collection and performance monitoring of various loads during the study. Power quality analyzers provide fast and accurate measurement of all standard parameters characterizing the power consumption of electrical loads, such as the TrueRMS values of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Powers, Power Factor/CosØ, and Energy.

Instruments used for Audits
  •    JUPITER / Energy Explorer
  •    Microvip3 Plus
  •    Nanovip Series
  •    Fluke Ti10


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