VIP 396
Multi Panel Meter

VIP 396 is a panel mount multi-function instrument ideal for measurement and display of electrical parameters.


  •    Applicable for single phase, bi-phase, three phase Balanced & Unbalanced with delta or star.
  •    The large clear LED displays showing the parameters and values are easily read under in all         lighting conditions.
  •    The instrument displays up to 25 parameters.
  •    Connection is via sturdy 2.5 mm2 terminals and 5A secondary CTs for current measurement.
  •    Operation is via the simple push button located on the front panel, with set up keys hidden         behind a hinged cover.
  •    Replaces traditional analogue instruments with one digital package.
  •    Improved accuracy and reliability.
  •    Simplified installation reducing costs.
  •    Superior performance on distorted waveforms.

eSoft Software

eSoft is an application software for networking and monitoring of all our panel meters.
Software is suitable for MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP Platforms
Features :
  •    Display of on-line measures, Alarms & trends
  •    Display of Historical measures, Alarms & trends
  •    Reports
  •    Data Export


  •     Professional and low cost solution for the electrical panels in industries
  •     Sub-metering systems
  •     OEM Applications
  •     Supervisory systems
  •     Building and Factory automation systems


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